Anti-Aging Program

Reduce your risk for chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia. Midwest Rejuvenation can help you regain optimal body composition, energy levels, quality of life and sexual function.

Take control of the aging process with a comprehensive approach including:

  • Nutrition & Exercise Consultation
  • Supplementation
  • Hormone Replacement

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Hormone Replacement

A hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program is for the client who already has an optimal diet and exercise regimen but would like evaluation and management of their possible hormone deficiency. We offer services for men & women.

We can help end your symptoms with one of these treatment options:

  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Estrogen & Progesterone
  • Human Growth Hormones

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Medical Weight Loss

Whether it is a problem with your diet or exercise routine, or even hormone levels--we prefer to get to the real cause of your weight loss problem, and address it appropriately.We tailor a weight loss plan for each client.

Win the weight loss battle for good. Our experts provide:

  • Nutrition & Exercise Consultation
  • Body Composition & Hormone Analysis
  • HCG Treatment Options

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